Why Workplace Giving?


  • How do I pick a good charity from so many? (There are 1,500,000 charities registered in the USA alone!)
  • I am too busy to deal with it every month.
  • Is my gift actually going to the end need & helping? (How much does the charity keep for administration?)
  • How can I engage my employees in charitable giving?

The Charity Director Solution:

  • We personally and carefully select and actively vet organizations that we believe will have the greatest impact. (We have a combined 80 years of experience with a wide variety of non-profits.)
  • We keep the onboarding process simple for companies and employees.
  • We maximize long-term engagement with frequent regular feedback regarding the impact of your donation.
  • We take care of the details involved in the process.

The Result:

  • In a month or two, your donations will be changing a community & a life in a sustainable way.
  • You will see increased employee engagement & overall job satisfaction.


But wait, isn’t it better to give directly to the charity, rather than through my workplace campaign?

Workplace giving means:

  1. Participating charities are more thoroughly screened & monitored.
  2. The donation process is more efficient. Through a common simple payroll deduction, you don’t have to worry about logging in to the charity’s website to setup your account, credit card, etc.
  3. Your donation is combined with other like-minded donations for a bigger impact.
  4. Your donation goes farther. Aggregate donations save the charity time & money in receiving & processing the donation. CharityDirector fills the gap for the charity.
  5. Your donation may be doubled. Many employer-sponsored workplace giving programs will match an individual’s donation. This doubles your impact!

Read to get involved? It is simple!