How To Help Beirut

On August 4th, there was chemical explosion in Beirut that leveled parts of the city and damaged critical facilitates and hospitals. At least 137 people were killed by the explosion and upwards of 5,000 are injured according to the New York Times and CNBC. In the wake of this tragedy the Lebanese government has stepped down. Already the country was on the verge of economic collapse and now as many as 250,000 people have lost their homes and all sense of security.

In the midst of tragedy it can be difficult to know how to help so we have complied a list of charities working in Lebanon that your company could support. The reason Charity Director was started was to help in moments like these. We hope you will join us in supporting Lebanon in this time of uncertainty.

Charities to support:

Preemptive Love

Islamic Relief

World Food Program

Project HOPE

Doctors Without Borders