The Way We Think About Charity is Wrong

We have different rules for charity than we do for businesses, and it’s limiting the good we can do. Dan Pallotta challenges the unspoken rules we have for charities about where their money can go.

After all, why shouldn’t you get rich by helping others?

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Why America Gives

Wondering what motivates Americans to be generous? How how each generation gives? How important social media really is for charities? If you are a charity wondering how to connect with your supporters or just curious as to what motivates you to give, check out “Why America Gives” by Classy, a fundraising software company for nonprofits. … Read more

Money Can Buy Happiness

If you think that money can’t buy happiness then you aren’t spending it right. In his TED Talk, Michael Norton proves that more money does not equal more happiness, but more giving does. He conducted an experiment with people across the world, giving people $5 or $20 and asking some people to give the away … Read more

How To Help Beirut

On August 4th, there was chemical explosion in Beirut that leveled parts of the city and damaged critical facilitates and hospitals. At least 137 people were killed by the explosion and upwards of 5,000 are injured according to the New York Times and CNBC. In the wake of this tragedy the Lebanese government has stepped down. … Read more