Working from Home

In the midst of a global pandemic it can seem almost impossible to keep your employees engaged and hopeful. Whether they are living alone or trying to entertain kids while working, the pandemic can often feel isolating. How can a business keep their employees motivated and give them purpose? At Charity Director we know that giving can be the solution. Although it might seem counter intuitive to give away money during an time of economic uncertainty,  it provides purpose and even happiness for the donor. According to a 2008 Harvard study, giving money creates more happiness than spending it on oneself. One can’t always donate money, we know bills come first on the priority list, but even a small amount of money has the same effect of joy in the brain. With this in mind, encouraging your employees to give is a gift to them. It’s the perfect reminder that you and your employees can and are accomplishing more good together than anyone can do on their own.