Donors are Suspicious

Many donors don’t trust nonprofits.
They don’t know how the organizations use their money,
and they’re not sure who benefits from the gifts.

Money for Good 2015 recommends nonprofits take these four steps to attract donors:

  1. Reframe giving—nonprofits need to inspire donors and help them feel connected to the organizations and to beneficiaries.
  2. Target the donor segments most likely to change their behavior—the report identifies them as “Busy Idealists,” “Cautious Strivers,” and “Unaware Potentials.” It includes a segmentation tool kit to help nonprofits identify these donors.
  3. Leverage giving channels—specifically, workplace giving, point-of-sale giving, and donor-advised funds.
  4. Learn and share—create a learning community for testing, iterating, and sharing the results of the three previous steps.