Why America Gives

Wondering what motivates Americans to be generous? How how each generation gives? How important social media really is for charities? If you are a charity wondering how to connect with your supporters or just curious as to what motivates you to give, check out “Why America Gives” by Classy, a fundraising software company for nonprofits. … Read more

Money Can Buy Happiness

If you think that money can’t buy happiness then you aren’t spending it right. In his TED Talk, Michael Norton proves that more money does not equal more happiness, but more giving does. He conducted an experiment with people across the world, giving people $5 or $20 and asking some people to give the away … Read more

How to Select a Non-Profit for Your Donation

Clarify your values. Charities are as diverse as their donors. Be proactive and don’t just give to the first one that solicits you! Consider the type of charity you want to support—small or large, start-up or established, or local, national or international. Focus on the mission. Make sure a nonprofit has an easy-to-understand mission that … Read more

Donors are Suspicious

Many donors don’t trust nonprofits. They don’t know how the organizations use their money, and they’re not sure who benefits from the gifts. Money for Good 2015 recommends nonprofits take these four steps to attract donors: Reframe giving—nonprofits need to inspire donors and help them feel connected to the organizations and to beneficiaries. Target the … Read more