Money is not enough

A 2017 Gallup study says that measuring employees’ contentment or happiness levels, and catering to their wants, often fails to achieve the underlying goal of employee engagement. What does drive employee engagement? Bryan De Lottinville says “Goodness”. “Goodness is a proven way to engage your people while solidifying your brand and reputation to an even wider audience. … Read more

The Way We Think About Charity is Wrong

We have different rules for charity than we do for businesses, and it’s limiting the good we can do. Dan Pallotta challenges the unspoken rules we have for charities about where their money can go.

After all, why shouldn’t you get rich by helping others?

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How to Select a Non-Profit for Your Donation

Clarify your values. Charities are as diverse as their donors. Be proactive and don’t just give to the first one that solicits you! Consider the type of charity you want to support—small or large, start-up or established, or local, national or international. Focus on the mission. Make sure a nonprofit has an easy-to-understand mission that … Read more

New Laws for Giving

The new laws are making a huge difference in how and when people give. Read more on Charity Navigator’s Blog. What does it mean at Charity Director? Charity Director is a 501c3 and “your gift is tax-deductible“. This means your business receives the tax deductible receipt for the company portion of the gift, and employees … Read more

Donors are Suspicious

Many donors don’t trust nonprofits. They don’t know how the organizations use their money, and they’re not sure who benefits from the gifts. Money for Good 2015 recommends nonprofits take these four steps to attract donors: Reframe giving—nonprofits need to inspire donors and help them feel connected to the organizations and to beneficiaries. Target the … Read more